INDEX: This section gives the descriptions of each section on CPC. You can also view the section's description by hovering the mouse over a section's graphical link.LIVING WITH CP: This section gives my personal experiences on how I love with my own CP. Many of you who are disabled will probably find much of this section's content familiar.EMAIL DATABASE: This database is the very heart and sole of CPC. It allows people with CP, both young and old, to communicate with each other and share experiences or advice.CPC DIRECTORY: This section is a list of links around the web where you might find other useful information on CP and other disability related content.DISABILITY BULLETIN: This section allows people to post disability related questions to other visitors on the site; announce medical studies; any other information not associated with any current section on the CPC site.SHARE A STORY: This section allows people to share their stories (both good and bad) about living with CP. This is a completely anonymous Section (at your discretion) so that you need not fear people finding out who you are if that is your choice.ADA LAWS: This section is a copy of the Americans with Disabilities Act information site.  It contains the guidelines concerning the Americans with disabilities rights, fairness, and public access.AGING AND CP: This section is a report on how the aging process can affect a body with CP. This should be a must read for all visitors to the site. I will continue to add to this report as new information becomes available.DISABILITY WORKPLACE: This section can be used as a tool to help aid a disabled individual looking for a job.  You might be surprised at what some of the experts say about how to approach the job market when you are disabled.
HOW SSI WORKS: This section will aid you in finding out if you qualify for Supplemental Security Income.  These rules and regulations are plentiful. CPC strongly recommends you view this section before perusing the SSI route.MEDICAL NEEDS: This section lists online companies where you can purchase medical supplies and equipment. Ordering what you need online offers privacy, convince, and very often cheaper then purchasing from brick and mortar stores.DISABILITY NEWS: This section allows you to keep up with the latest news and events around the US and the world related to the disability community. The section is updated constantly so please visit often.THERAPIES FOR CP: This section discusses some of the different treatments used to treat CP. Some of these include Physical/Occupational Therapy, HBO, TES, Biofeedback and others.AWARDS & WEBRINGS: This Section contains information about the many web rings CPC has joined and awards we have won. It also includes information on how to sign up for our very own web ring or award.FUN STUFF: Occasionally I like to have a little fun on the web. Here you will find information about my hobbies and my many collections of items. This portion of the site is not directly related to CPC. Its just for fun :o)CONTACT CPC: This section allows you to communicate with CPC is several ways including email, ICQ, and out guest book.RECENT UPDATES: This section can be used to find out what changes have been made since you last visited CPC. This page is always updated when CPC is updated no matter how small the update.CAUSE SUPPORT: This section tries to help disabled individuals by supporting several causes that actively promote the awareness and fair treatment of those with disabilities.
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Cerebral Palsy Support Groups/Associations

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Below is a list on Cerebral Palsy support groups and their contact information around the world. I am working on increasing the list of overseas groups, but some of that information is hard to come back. If you know of any such support group in your country, please let me know through the "Contact CPC" section of this site.

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